Live Free. Do Dope Sh*t. Be Pragmatic

About Me

"You don’t work, you don’t eat. You don’t grind, you don’t shine.” - Mike JonesI’m a pragmatic contrarian, always going against the grain, but in a logical sort of way. I managed to build wealth through mastering personal finances and investing in real estate, created a successful career in tech, and have enjoyed the flexibility of career sabbaticals, including a two-year mini-retirement in Valencia, Spain to spend more time with my wife and son.The true pragmatist looks at facts and their goal of maximizing life to guide their decisions.In addition to living abroad, I founded and sold Wealth Noir, a digital media community focused on building wealth. I’ve led product teams at Facebook (Meta) and Zynga.It’s impractical to let your life be defined by outside sources or imaginary constraints a person may have.


  • I tripled my salary in five years by transitioning to tech.

  • I love bottle poppin’ at the club. My outstanding ability to dance led my wife to me.

  • I was the first African-American PM hired to lead product at Facebook (Meta).

  • Moved my family to Valencia, Spain for 2 years, to try something new.

  • Southern rap culture has impacted my life profoundly. When I read Gucci Mane’s autobiography, I cried.


Here are a few websites and resources I love and highly recommend. Some are affiliate links, but all are tools I use personally and will vouch for 100%.

M1 Invest is my favorite robo-advisor. Allows for a lot of customization in your investment strategy. Not the best for beginners compares to Wealthfront.

I've used Personal Capital for years to track my net worth and track my asset allocation. It pulls in all your accounts to give one financial dashboard.

I'm featured in ACRES, a stylish and carefully curated coffee book, featuring Black real estate investors. My peers and I share our personal stories of our real estate investment journey. Click the link to get your copy!