🚀 Help, I’ve Dived Deep into the Hustle and Can’t Get Up!”

Dive deep into strategies for managing work, family, and your passions – without missing a beat.

I’m drowning

In the ever-evolving narrative of our lives, where each day brings its own set of challenges and triumphs, I've found myself navigating through a particularly intense chapter. Balancing an ambitious career with the profound joys and responsibilities of family life has led me to moments of both exhilaration and introspection.

Basically … I’m trying to crush it at life, business, and parenthood … but I’m tired and old and drowning in all the work.

Courtesy of Midjourney

A Glimpse into My World

The journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. The list of duties to manage is  long, but fulfilling. As a self-proclaimed workaholic, I am admittedly in my element. 

  • Working on investing, researching, or buying 1 of 4 different commercial properties.

  • Experiencing the thrill of my first successful house flip (under contract in just 1.5 months from purchase 🙌🏾💯”).

  • Embracing the demanding world of academia (teaching two courses, at two universities, this Spring semester..FML).

  • Building software for the government as a subcontractor for the FDA (you stumble into gov’t work here in DC).

  • Making sure this newsletter doesn’t fall to the wayside.

  • Dealing with a walking toddler who likes to stay up late…all that after-dinner-work time has been replaced by chasing her.

  • And most randomly, we acquired an Amazon based Magnetic Baby Lock company (I sh* you not) and have hired two offshore folks to help run it.

Yes, the list is long, but I remind myself I'm built for this … I’m Caribbean. 🇦🇬

However, it's the milestones within my family, particularly my daughter's first steps and her delightful defiance of bedtime, that remind me of the essence of life outside work. These moments have reshaped my evenings, challenging my previously established routines and forcing me to confront the delicate balance between personal aspirations and the responsibilities of parenthood.

Crafting a Path Through the Hustle: Five Expanded Strategies

But this email isn’t about me. It’s about anyone going through those tough hard moments of work and family that we must endure to hit those goals. These are just a handful of the practices I’ve adopted, and you too can adopt, to survive.

Finding Stillness to Meditate and Re-focus

Because I hate working from home and because it’s for slackers (I said it), I drive 30 minutes to an office everyday to engage with other humans (and escape kids). I’ll often turn down the Gucci or BiggerPockets Podcast, and just drive in silence. This mini meditation helps me refocus and come to peace with all the work.

Empowering Through Delegation and AI

The strategic expansion of our team with skilled members from across the globe and the integration of AI in our processes has not only optimized our workflow but also reinforced the value of trust and collaboration in achieving collective goals.

Sacred Spaces for Work and Play

The deliberate choice to work from an office has reinforced the importance of physical spaces in demarcating professional and personal lives, enhancing focus at work and presence at home. Being able to disconnect and still get that rush from walking through the front door to my kids, helps with the long days in the office.

The Art of Prioritization

Diving deeper into the essence of what truly matters, if you aren’t working on the important things, you’re hustling backward. I suck at prioritization, as you can see I always want to do everything, but I’ve made it a point to get better and encourage my team to be better than me.

Reconnecting with Your 'Why'

The “why” is everything. Reconnecting to your “why” is a necessity. This guiding principle serves as a lighthouse in the tumultuous seas of daily life, reminding us of the fundamental reasons behind our pursuits. Life is constantly lifin’, so naturally, when it gets rough,  I want to give up. But I don’t. I just keep telling myself “you said yes to private school. Go get this real estate.” 

Embracing the Journey Ahead

There’s so much I am involved in and also so much more to do. As I move forward, I realize how necessary it is to find balance. But the concept of balance almost seems like a fallacy. Juggling my many professional pursuits, trying to be a good father, and husband is overwhelming. I remind myself that I need to be forgiving to myself. There’s nothing wrong with being driven by your pursuits. 

It's in sharing these personal stories and strategies that I hope to foster a space for us all to reflect on our paths, learn from one another, and celebrate the beauty of our individual and collective journeys.

Until we meet again, let's continue to embrace the marathon of life, finding balance, growth, and joy in every step.

Damien “I said this is better than a 9to5 why again” Peters

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