Welcome to The Pragmatic Mr. Peters

Welcome to The Pragmatic Mr. Peters Reader!

I’m flattered you decided to be a part of our community. Your support means so much to me.

Typically my ventures are focused on building something much bigger than myself, a company to last and endure. Here, I just want to be me and connect with people trying to do dope sh*t too.

What is The Pragmatic Mr. Peters?

I’ll start with the motto: Live Free. Do Dope Sh*t. Be Pragmatic.

A pragmatic approach to life, unlocks a lot. I know they say let your heart lead the way, but I say f*** that. Being tactical and thoughtful unlocks freedom and an extraordinary life. Freedom looks different for everyone. It may be the ability to stop working for a year, move abroad, or travel freely. Dope is living out your dreams. But remember, a dream without a plan is a waste of time.

This newsletter is going to bring you stories, resources, and actionable information to earn all that you want in life. I’ve seen what freedom and a few life-changing experiences have done for me, and I think it’s something we should all incorporate into our lives.

In your inbox, we’ll be talking about things like:

  • How to take a year off of work and keep your career on track

  • How to manage and invest your money to gain financial freedom

  • How to increase your salary and maximize your compensation

  • How (and if you should) use real estate investing to finance your dreams

  • How to ball on a budget, using travel points and other deals

These things might sound hard, and while not easy … they are all achievable. I should know.

Who is Damien Peters?

I'm a classic overthinking, demand the world, work too much, and have been overly focused on money since I was five. I’m a father, husband, son, and a career technologist. I started a few companies, sold one, and love real estate.

While on my journey to financial freedom, I’ve taken four career breaks, sustaining myself with passive income from real estate, and have maintained my goal of at least two international trips a year for about a decade.

What does doing dope sh*t look like for me? Well, I moved my family to Spain for two years. I enjoy popping bottles and have traveled to over 30 countries. I used to ride a motorcycle. I speak at conferences, was one of the first black product managers at Facebook (now Meta), went to MIT for grad school, and own and manage four real estate properties. But really, all that matters is that I’m a loving and supportive husband, and proud father.

I’ve been able to acquire wealth and live freely by identifying what I want and systematically removing blockers. Aka, being pragmatic.

So now what …

We’re still a little new, so fine-tuning the details. We’ll be putting something in your inbox about once a week. Real links, stories, and resources for you to pragmatically go after what you want.

This is my opportunity to continue connecting with more people who desire to really live life. I’ve helped friends move abroad, double their income, hop on a plane with me for random trips to Europe, and more. I want more people to feel unapologetic about getting what they want.

Until next time, Damien Peters