🍁 Thanksgiving Cheers from The Pragmatic Mr. Peters

Happy Thanksgiving Reader 🦃,

I hope this day brings you the joy of togetherness and the warmth of family. It's a time to pause, reflect, and cherish those who mean the most to us ... which is serious coming from a chronic workaholic like myself.

This year, my family and I are embracing the holiday with extra excitement, as it marks our first Thanksgiving as a family of four. Looking forward to introducing our newest addition to our decades-old tradition of huge family dinners with a mix of Antiguan and American dishes.

From ox-tail and curry goat to turkey and sweet potato pie, our table is a testament to a blend of cultures and flavors.

As someone who struggles to unplug, I'm making a conscious effort this year to be present, laugh more, and maybe, just maybe, avoid checking my emails for a day! Maybe ... 😄

But I'm really here bothering your holiday to tell you thank you. I, and the team, are extremely thankful you opened this email and giving us the chance to regularly deliver some value to you as we refine our voice.


Enjoy the day!


- Damien "Gonna crush me some goat" Peters