Thank you and Farewell

I wanted to thank you Reader.

Thank you for your commitment to this community.

Wealth Noir was my baby for the past 5 years. During that time, I’ve learned more about you and grew our team to offer you more wealth content. We continued normalizing wealth, especially for black and brown communities, by sharing a variety of tools and tactics to help you master your finances.

At Wealth Noir we built something of value and attracted others who saw its worth. If you missed the last email, Wealth Noir was acquired earlier this year. The team and I have moved on, but our years of financial content will remain. This opportunity has given me space to work on something new.

I’m writing this from Iceland while praying for clear skies to see the Northern lights.

Flexible work hours and passive income are why I can have this experience. Sharing this moment with you has me feeling a bit nostalgic. I will miss connecting with members who moved abroad, bought a rental property, or started investing.

This type of connection is why I’m starting a new newsletter: The Pragmatic Mr. Peters. Our motto is Live Free. Do Dope Sh**. Be Pragmatic.

This newsletter continues the focus on financial independence, but brings more of me to the table, like traveling, taking breaks from work, and securing the bag in your career.

And if you’re not down for the journey, you can unsubscribe with no shade. But I encourage you to give us a shot and at least get the first drop.

Until next time, Damien Peters

P.S. Got questions? Hit reply and I’ll promise to get back to you. I’m around.