I missed Giving Tuesday, but I'm still Giving!

If you already know I love /dev/color and are ready to match my $1,500 contribution ... skip the email and join me in giving late. #WeLateButWeStillGreat


Can I be real with you Reader?

I'm tired. Tired as sh*t. And the to-do list of new company items and new kid work (she turns one in a week) keeps growing.

Starting a company is hard. Having two kids is hard. Doing both at the same damn time is sadistic. Throw in that big extended Caribbean family, I don't even have time to play my Xbox anymore.

But this isn't about that ... this is about an organization near and dear to me that gets a lot of my time, effort, and money. Yesterday was Giving Tuesday ... so why am I writing you on Wednesday 🤔

/dev/color is an organization focused on Black technologists. Software Engineers, Startup Founders, Tech executives ... basically my people.

I joined the organization right after leaving Facebook as their first Product Manager. I soon realized it was the first time in my life I had a black manager. It was fun and refreshing to be at a non-profit where impact mattered more than money, and I felt really good about the work I was doing. My product was helping junior engineers get closer to the C-suite.

TL:DR - I was gonna do it big for Giving Tuesday. Family and Work got me. But we don't need no "special giving day" to give money! (you can skip and make your donation below 😁)

Fast forward and I'm entering my third year as a board member and I'm the treasurer now. I had all these plans for how we were going to do a huge coordinated push for Giving Tuesday. We had pictures made, emails pre-written, and everything was good to go. All the other members had their materials. LinkedIn posts are scheduled.

Fast forward again to yesterday. Sending this email is on my to-do list. Sure there is a lot to get done at work, my son needs a haircut, and I need to see my mom ... but it's OK. It will all get done.

Fast forward to me waking up in my bed, laptop on the nightstand, and my loose memory of a last-minute Target pickup for my son's picture day, near my mom's house, while mentally writing this email in the car.

Now I'm here ... having missed my deadline.

But failure is just a lesson on the road to success ... or some sh*t like that.

Truth is, I love /dev/color and won't let the craziness of my life rob you (yes, you Reader) of the chance to match my $1,500 contribution this year with your own using this link. I know you want that tax deduction too!

So please, join me in being late and great. Help this organization continue to build and mature current black technology professionals into the next generation of diverse VPs and executives at the companies that power the tech in your life every day.

- Damien "Don't tell the other Board Members I'm late" Peters


P.S. I 100% am sure this will move no one, but it's all I got. Anyone who sends me a screenshot of a $250 or more donation ... you got an hour of my time to talk about whatever, at my local bar or on Zoom. Real estate, investing, moving to Spain, these kids, being married for a decade, popping bottles ... whatever.

P.S.S. I don't want to hear any jokes about CP time ... it was the kids!