Reader: Greenville, Here I Come! ✈️

Life’s a little bit crazy right now Reader.

On top of grading midterms, being a dad, and starting a new company in a new industry, I’ve decided to take the weekend to visit Greenville, South Carolina. Two weeks ago, I was saying, “What’s a Greenville?” Now I’m frantically planning a weekend trip to learn everything about the city.

How Did I Get Here? 🤦🏾‍♂️

I’ve been looking for my next investment. I passed on several opportunities because they didn’t meet my investment criteria. While on the hunt, I called investment groups and friends who also invest, but nothing good came of it.

Then, out of the blue, someone sent me a PDF about an apartment complex in Greenville, “some” city between Charlotte and Atlanta. My curiosity sent me down the great rabbit hole of research and analysis. The numbers and the story behind this deal really sparked my interest. I now know way more than I did last week and a lifetime more than last month about this southern town. After several meetings, lots of due diligence, and hours with Excel, I’m booking a flight to Greenville, a little gem in the south.

But is this really the next best step for me? After all, I could spend this weekend grading papers, resting, and hanging out with the fam.

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

I increase the complexity of every deal every time I do it. So, first, I bought a condo. Then, I bought a townhouse, and then I bought a triplex. So, commercial real estate should be my next deal, right?!

In the past, I launched a tech company/lifestyle brand and worked at a tech startup. Both experiences consumed my time and attention. But I knew I didn’t want to return to the crazy hours of the tech startup life. The hours away from my family were never fun. So, I thought really hard about the next phase of my life and what I enjoy.

I decided to launch WN Capital Partners, a company that invests in apartment buildings and hotels. This new venture in real estate provides me with more flexibility and time with my family. Plus, real estate is my zone of genius because I understand how to invest in it and analyze it. For my personal real estate investments, I like that the properties I own are better after I've taken ownership. My tenants enjoy their homes and where they live.

So here we are. Now, I am going to Greenville, South Carolina, for the first time to look at an apartment complex in a city I’ve never even heard of. My life ….

I’m super excited about this trip. If you have any suggestions for food or things to do, hit reply and let me know!

What's Next

After this trip, I’ll know a lot more about this southern town, along with a lot more about our beautiful target property. I won’t get too excited. I’m picky, and I’ve been saying no a lot … but I always keep hope alive for a winner.

- Damien “Looking for that BBQ” Peters