Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving Reader.

I personally love the Thanksgiving holiday.

I have a big Caribbean family and it's been a huge yearly event for me and my family. With my little girl and second child only two weeks away from her birth, I'm excited to be around family and living in the DC area. I've missed many of them over the years living away, so it's special to be based near my extended family.

It's also been a way to introduce my American wife and son to good Caribbean food. I don't know how people have Thanksgiving without oxtail.

And I LOVE black Friday.

I remember camping out starting at 4 AM to purchase my first 42" flat-screen TV at Circuit City, my first big score. The thrill of the deal, and getting exactly what I want drives me each year.

I love saving money and have expensive tastes. Black Friday is when I can get high-end electronics, video games, gadgets, and gifts at steep discounts. It's also a great time to buy business software, as companies will give deep cuts on a yearly level. I have a Notion database dedicated to finding the best deals and a steady stream of deliveries having already come to the house.

But it's also the biggest test of the year for my financial strength. It's easy to drop thousands filling my house and closet with things that will be quickly abandoned. And as much as I love saving money, wasting money on something that won't add value is painful. So I focus on key items that will last, and I know I would buy anyway. And I'm quick to let my buyer's remorse drive me to get my money back.

So with a looming recession, and amazing investment opportunities on the horizon, today isn't about that. I hope that you and your family enjoy this holiday together. And I hope you spend it with the people most important to you in your life, which is what it's really all about.

Happy Thanksgiving, Damien Peters