🤔 Can AI be used for everything?

Are you using AI to make your life easier Reader?

If developers can use AI to complete their work 56% faster, why shouldn’t you use it too? There is a huge debate about whether AI will take over our jobs. But one could argue that the people who learn how to use AI will replace those that don’t.

💬 ChatGPT: My New Virtual Assistant

I don’t think AI will be doing my laundry anytime soon, but it can definitely help take other things off my plate. Embracing AI for what it can do for you is important. That’s why I use AI for EVERYTHING.

Well, almost everything...Unfortunately, in my haste to leave for Greenville, South Carolina, I forgot to use AI to plan my trip! 🤦🏾‍♂️ Instead, I went to LinkedIn and asked for things to do, and I got some good recommendations.

It was a last-minute trip, and I wanted to explore the southern gem. But after landing, I had little time to myself. Most of my trip was spent inspecting apartment buildings. Before I started researching Greenville, I had no idea where the heck it was, let alone what I could do there.

When I came home, having hit only one of the recommendations I got, my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to see what ChatGPT would have told me. ChatGPT has taken the capabilities of AI up a notch. It crafts everything from emails to preparing legal documents, writing computer code, troubleshooting software, and much more. So, why not use it to see what I should have done during my trip?

So, I went to ChatGPT and typed, “Create an itinerary for a trip to Greenville, South Carolina.” Next thing you know, ChatGPT spit out a three-day itinerary with (I quote) a “mix of outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and culinary delights, showcasing the best that Greenville, South Carolina has to offer.” Then ChatGPT signed off with, “Of course, feel free to adjust it based on your interests and the time you have available. Enjoy your trip!”

My Thoughts On the Itinerary 🤔

The itinerary would've been perfect if I were traveling with the family. It encouraged you to explore downtown Greenville, dozens of parks and trails, and local museums. If I wasn’t a fan of the museums, it suggested I go to the zoo. It noted the need to get tickets in advance for a show at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts or to visit the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum to learn about the famous baseball player's life. All of these things would not have been on my radar without ChatGPT.

Based on this experience, I don’t see ChatGPT replacing travel agents, travel blogs, or review websites anytime soon. But anyone in those fields could and should use AI to give their customers a better experience–especially in places they’ve never visited

I believe ChatGPT and other AI platforms will improve the more we input data and interact with them. So, use it! I’ll keep using AI to make my life easier, but I’m not letting go of the good old-fashioned way of asking folks from the area about the best things to do.

-Damien “Greenville is Dope” Peters