🌟 A Toast to New Beginnings: Celebrate 2024 with Us!

Happy New Year Reader!

As we bid farewell to 2023 and usher in the potential of 2024, I'm filled with a deep sense of gratitude. Your engagement, the heartfelt email replies, the “that was a dope email” texts, to the trust several have given by investing with us. Your support has been the driving force behind our collective journey. Each interaction, each decision you've shared, has been instrumental in shaping the unique mission of The Pragmatic Mr. Peters.

2024: A Year of Growth and Gratitude

This year promises to be one of significant growth and gratitude.

As my daughter steps into her second year, her milestones mirror the growth I foresee in my and our company’s professional endeavors, building on the base to step into her own. This year for WN Capital Partners, we’re going to build on what has been working and improve what hasn't, for us that is ensuring operations is working at an optimal level. We’ve grown a lot as a team, tried, succeeded, and failed, so looking to take all that into 2024.

And randomly … I finally bought another investment property. It all came together literally in the last two weeks of the year, but it felt good to finally get back to the closing table.

A Memorable Encounter at Afrotech

Afrotech, the preeminent “Black in Tech” conference, this year was an amazing reminder of my tech roots, a grounding experience that reconnected me to my beginnings and how those beginnings continue to influence my journey in real estate.

One unexpected, but very rewarding moment, was someone recognizing me from Wealth Noir. When this happens, it always comes as a shock. I am nobody, I’m just Damien. But when this person told me about the new rental property he had purchased based on his engagement with Wealth Noir content and listening to the things I’ve said about real estate investing, I felt re-affirmed that what we do has a real impact. It was humbling to learn that he actually bought real estate based on something I said …. crazy.

The Leap into International Real Estate

I finally became an international real estate investor.

It means nothing, as international investments are no better than domestic … but it’s that type of randoms sh*t you can drop when talking at a dinner party.

2023 was a landmark year with my first international real estate investment in Tulum, Mexico. More importantly, it was the first time I got capital (aka cash) from people besides just me, and brought the group together to invest in something I found and sourced.

This investment was a thrilling blend of excitement and responsibility, challenging and validating the skills and knowledge we’ve shared in our community. It was more than a financial decision; it was a venture built on trust, collaboration, and a shared vision. This showed me the real power of group economics, and why YOU need to be working with your friends and network to invest and level up your net worth.

2024: Refining The Focus

As we step into 2024, the focus is on refining the business, becoming the leader my team needs, and getting sh*t done.

Having taken the time to explore a broad spectrum of opportunities, from being a professor, taking a government contract, investing in commercial properties, attending conferences, buying property, and buying a company … It's time to focus.

This year is about perfecting our craft, ensuring our team operates seamlessly, and aligning our strategies with the evolving economic landscape. Beyond financial growth, this year is about strengthening the bonds within our community. Starting a new company reminded me of the importance of the people I know and the connections I’ve made over the years. 2024 is going to improve that.

In Conclusion

Goals and retrospectives are an important part of life. Not just at the new year, but always. Now you just have more of an excuse to get it done.

As I reflect on 2023 and get excited about 2024, I really invite you to do the same and set yourself up for success

Damien “I don’t do resolutions … Goals are goals no matter the day” Peters